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Volume 10, Number 2, April 2021, pages 46-52

Opioid Use in Adults With Sickle Cell Disease Hospitalized During Vaso-Occlusive Crisis: A Systematic Review


Table 1. Demographic Data of Sample
AuthorLocationStudy sample sizeAge in yearsGenderType of SCD
SCD: sickle cell disease; SC: sickle cell; HbSS: most severe form of SCD; HbSC: second most common form of SCD; HbSβ0: severe form of SCD.
Al-Anazi et al, 2017 [33]Saudi Arabia99Mean 26.9Males 47%, females 52%Not specified
Ballas et al, 2010 [34]USA and Canada29918 - 59Male 49%, female 51%SC α+ thalassemia, n = 298
Desai et al, 2013 [35]USA1322 - 50Male 31%, female 69%HbSS, n = 6; HbSβ0, n = 2; HbSC, n = 1
Lagas et al, 2010 [36]the Netherlands161Male 100%HbSC, n = 1
van Beers et al, 2007 [37]the Netherlands1920 - 42Male < 50%, female > 50%HbSS, majority of sample